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Why I Wrote Birth Your Story + Process of Book Writing

  Today I wanted to offer you a behind the scenes look at why I wrote the forthcoming book Birth Your Story: Why Writing About Your Birth Matters, and what the process of writing this book was like for me.  Why I wrote this book First, I wrote this book for many reasons, but my biggest motivator was personal.  After I birthed my daughter Maia in 2013, I was moved to write my birth story.  I couldn’t not write it.  As a professional writer, English professor and birth advocate, writing was an obvious choice for me.  But really, it was about the work of my soul. I’ve always used writing to process, express, and find meaning in my experiences.  Writing...

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First of its Kind: "Birth Your Story" Book Launches on Kickstarter

  Asheville, North Carolina July 11, 2017 For Immediate Release Jaime Fleres, MA, professor, writing coach, and entrepreneur, is launching a Kickstarter to support the publication of her book: Birth Your Story: Why Writing About Your Birth Matters. The first of its kind, this book offers a guide for parents into the how and why of birth story writing, drawing on the fields of expressive and persuasive writing, Compassionate Communication, yoga, movement, meditation, and the doula profession. The Book Part one of Birth Your Story explores why writing is one of the most powerful ways to remember, process, claim, heal and honor our birth experiences. Part two dissects the anatomy of a birth story, including how we are influenced...

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