"Mama Mend" Postpartum Healing Herbs

Mama Mend Postpartum Healing Herbs


Mama Mend is an herbal blend that soothes and heals tender tissues after childbirth. Mama Mend is simple and hassle-free—no measuring or straining herbs. Each sachet makes a potent, therapeutic-strength brew for baths, peri-sprays, or compresses. Made from the very best herbs available, our blend is certified organic and responsibly sourced.  Mama Mend is simple, high-quality, effective, eco-friendly– and cute to boot!  

100% Certified Organic Ingredients:

Yarrow flower, Witch Hazel Leaf, Plantain Leaf, St. John's Wort Leaf, Calendula Flowers, Lavender Flowers 

Click here for a how-to video and full description of Mama Mend.