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Santosha Birth and Wellness supports women and their families in childbearing and beyond through herbal wellness, flower essences, writing support, movement as medicine, and more.

Santosha is a yogic principle that closely translates to our concepts of joy, peace, and contentment. But Santosha is not just about being happy when things go our way. Santosha challenges us to find peace in the moment—to accept and appreciate what IS, no matter what that looks like. It’s about looking inward for a sense of fulfillment and trusting that you have everything you need.

Santosha calls us to celebrate pregnancy, birth, motherhood, and womanhood exactly as they are for each of us.  It asks us to accept and love ourselves, and our stories.  Santosha, like motherhood itself, beckons us to tap into the ever-present peace and joy within—our power, our incredible creativity, and the bliss that cannot be taken from us.

The strength and spirit of Santosha is a wish we send to YOU. We know you have everything you need—but sometimes you need an extra partner to support you in finding greater peace and joy along the way.  Santosha Birth & Wellness is honored to serve as one source of support for women seeking natural and holistic ways of being well through the childbearing season and beyond.


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